Must Have Features of Antivirus

Detect and fix viruses, worms, spyware, and other malicious threats at no price.

✓ Easy-to-use Interface: Assessing your system is a snap.

✓ Custom Scan Choices: Decide on the size of the scan – fast, complete, or habit.

✓ No Compatibility Problems: Stand-alone, the browser-independent program eliminates compatibility problems.

✓ Smart Scan: The latest antivirus protection also reduced download times.

✓ Inspection and Restore: Evaluate and compare scan results and recover files.

✓ Enhanced Detection and Cleanup: Address sophisticated threats even rootkits on all your home network devices.

✓ File Manager: Manage your documents and important documents without difficulty.

✓ Real-Time Protection: Always shield your computer from malicious applications.

✓ Smart Scan: Run a smart-scan to verify each area of your unit for vulnerability.

✓ Method Boost: Use our cutting edge tools to boost your system’s performance.

From real-time security to an advanced firewall, we’ve got everything your digital world needs!