Welcome! August 05, 2012 20:48

Welcome to our blog! Thanks for coming to check out Ash & Alys Babes. Hopefully from visiting our site or one of our social media pages, you’ve gathered that we’re very passionate about protecting babes everywhere from the harmful impurities that are rampant in today’s environment. Babes are born pure. We believe in keeping them that way.

For us, this site is much more than an online store, more than a convenient place for buying natural products for moms, babes and toddlers. We want our business to be part of a bigger movement. One in which every person votes with their dollar for more natural, sustainable and safe products and business practices; leading to a better world in which our babes can grow. Consumers have all the power to make ‘green’ mainstream; we’re simply playing a part in helping to spread the message and making natural products more readily accessible to families.

We welcome you to browse our site and send us your feedback. We’ll always strive to serve you better and to better our role in the green movement. We invite you to check out our SlumberSling®, Twosie, and Lovingly Recycled pages, as those are part of what make us different from other sites already out there.

Stay tuned on the blog for a regular dose of our thoughts on topics both humorous and serious, product reviews, guest posts from popular bloggers, and tips for everyday parenting.

-Alyssa and Ashley