Ash & Alys Signature Babes: The Pre-Launch Photo Shoot September 28, 2012 12:43

I could sum up our pre-launch photo shoot in three words: cute, cute and more cute! How lucky are we that we got to host nearly 10 babes, play dress up with them, give them new toys to explore and watch them soak up a beautiful sunny Seattle day?! It could barely be considered work.

But amidst all the overwhelming cuteness, was some serious chaos. Major kudos to our very talented photographer Molly Vaden, who has great vision and was totally flexible to bounce from kid to kid getting all of the photos we needed, and making them gorgeous to boot. It certainly helped that she has four of her own babes, so she was in her element! Alyssa and I were zipping all over the place throwing outfits at moms and asking them to change their babes over and over again, and then hurrying to make sure we weren’t missing any good candid moments that would capture the essence of our site.

The kids did surprisingly well, and we averted any major meltdowns. There were definitely a few naturals who may have a future in modeling; Charlotte, Ester and Julieta, three girls you will see all over our site, were charming, happy and playful throughout the whole process. Even my four-year-old son, who tends to be touchy about getting dressed, was a trooper and it was only at the very end of the two-hour marathon shoot that he finally refused to change again.

Ultimately, the photo shoot was a celebration for us. A major milestone in the long road we have traveled to get to this launch. We brought together a big portion of our support system and reveled in what we love most: the precious little babes that have inspired this entire business.