Fall Fashion – Babes Favorites October 01, 2012 10:07

Fall is my absolute favorite season. Summer slowly and gracefully bows out, and before we know it, we’re watching the season’s colors transform, picking pumpkins, drinking hot cider and making Halloween costumes. 

I love boots, scarves, chunky sweaters and fuzzy hats. I love putting summer clothes away and cleaning my kids’ drawers of the sizes they’ve outgrown. Because my children are still not at school age, I am enjoying the measure of control I still have over what they wear. Despite my enthusiasm and efforts to involve them in the ritual of changing out their wardrobes, I am met with resistance.

Unfortunately, as much as I may want to stock up on hoodies, handmade sweaters and puffy vests, most kids really don’t like to bundle up. My four-year-old is currently on strike from wearing anything other than short sleeves and shorts, and while I keep reminding him that the weather is going to change soon, he keeps insisting that shorts are appropriate in the cold and that “being cold makes me feel hot, mom”.

So, with that as the inspiration, we’ve selected some of our favorite fall fashions that will hopefully go over well with children who don’t want the bulk or heavy layering that often comes with cold weather clothing.

·      Legwarmers/arm warmers: They go with almost anything and since they are very snug fitting, they keep those little arms and legs warm under skirts, t-shirts, tunics and more. Maybe my little guy will even get away with wearing shorts this fall, paired with some legwarmers.

·      Bamboo knits: More and more kids clothing is being made with this awesome material. It’s stretchy, soft and ultra versatile for any weather. Bamboo naturally regulates temperature; so despite its light weight, bamboo clothing can be great for everyday fall wear.

·      Crocheted accessories: If they are made with a loose stitch and lightweight yarn, crocheted scarves, headbands and hats appeal to even picky kids. They are perfect for layering over lighter weight clothing that needs an extra touch of warmth, and easy for kids to pop on and off depending on their mood or how chilly they are feeling.

·      Peasant and tunic dresses: These adorable little frocks make me long for a daughter! There are so many cold weather options out there right now, you really could keep your girl in dresses all season long. So much fun to mix and match pairing with knit tights, contrast leggings and of course legwarmers.

·      Jammies all day long: For the waddlers, crawlers and rollers, I think nothing is cuter than going out in cold weather in your favorite footie or romper. With a Twosie underneath, and a hat or scarf to top it off, little babes can easily enjoy the crisp fall days in their PJs.