Mom of the Month - Maya Thompson October 05, 2012 13:39

Every month, we’ll be featuring a ‘Mom of the Month,’ someone who is the embodiment of strength, love, sacrifice and responsibility. Someone who is not afraid to admit that parenthood is hard, and that sometimes we don’t feel strong enough to carry on. Sometimes our choice might be someone you’ve heard of; sometimes she might be just another mom from down the street.  If she advocates for a charity or cause, we will add that cause to our list of beneficiaries for our Ash & Alys Fund as well. Our Moms of the Month will come from all walks of life, but they represent the invisible thread that ties together all mothers around the world.

This month, we welcome Maya Thompson as our inaugural ‘Mom of the Month.’ We heard about her through the blogosphere, and were deeply touched and saddened by her family’s tragic story, and the real lives and loss that have brought Rockstar Ronan into notoriety. We don’t know her – and she doesn’t know us. But our hearts grieve for her family’s loss and for every family that loses a child.

Reading this woman’s blog is heart-wrenching and terrifying. Despite my tears, I read on, if only to support her in spirit. And I learned something.  What I have learned from reading about Rockstar Ronan is the surprising lack of resources and research that is given to pediatric cancer. I’m truly shocked that something killing children at such an alarming pace can go without more funding. I learned 46 children are diagnosed with cancer every day; seven of them will die today. Childhood cancer is the number one disease killer of children.  

In honor of our Mom of the Month, the first contribution from the Ash & Alys Fund, which will be made at the end of 2012, will go to The Ronan Thompson Foundation. The Ash & Alys Fund is funded by Twosie and SlumberSling® sales. For more information, click here. To learn more about Rockstar Ronan visit, and to learn more about his foundation, visit

Please join us in supporting these causes and in extending kindness and encouragement to anyone grieving the loss of a child. Love and treasure your babes every day.

If you would like to nominate someone for 'Mom of the Month,' please email us the details at