Mom of the Month: Lisa Leake of 100 Days of Real Food November 13, 2012 15:51

Feeding your kids = a lot of work. Feeding your kids a healthy diet (and keeping it affordable!) =  a full time job. Feeding your kids exclusively a diet of whole foods and eliminating processed junk completely = seemingly impossible.

Lisa Leake, a mom of two and the highly followed blogger of 100 Days of Real Food, did what most families consider unattainable. On a quest to a healthier family, in 2010 Lisa and her family set out to completely eliminate highly processed foods, including all white flour and refined sugar, from their diet for 100 days. At the time when the family embarked on this pledge, Lisa had no prior knowledge of whole food nutrition and claims she had never before read an ingredient label, nor did she know there was anything wrong with that. Her children were ages 3 and 5 years at the time – which she points to as a testament that any family can change their eating habits to include only ‘real’ foods.

Lisa blogged through the entire process, documenting what the family was eating and the challenges they faced through the first 100 days. Throughout, her family maintained the pledge amidst birthday parties, travel, restaurant meals and school lunches. As a mom who shares Lisa’s passion for nutrition, I know how difficult and time consuming it can be to feed your family well for every meal, every day.

After successfully completing the first 100 days, the Leake family took on another 100-day challenge of real food on a budget, wherein they spent only $125 per week on food. For families who think they can’t afford to eat well, this is a great inspiration, and Lisa details on her blog dozens of tips for how to make a budget work for a real food diet.

Lisa’s blog has evolved since those first challenges, and is now a rich resource of information for readers from across the spectrum of food consumption – whether you are a die hard fast foodie looking for education about food or you already know all the ropes of whole food eating, you will find value in Lisa’s blog. She has hundreds of recipes, a list of kitchen essentials, ‘rules’ for anyone ready to take on the 100-day challenge, 14 mini-pledges for those looking for a slower transition away from processed foods, and new content every week with information, interviews and tips for healthier eating.  

So our hats are off to Lisa! We love your blog, and are so happy there’s someone out there taking such a firm stance on improving the way families approach nutrition. Take a moment to read her blog and tell us what you think!