The Mom for More Happy and Healthy Children December 10, 2012 11:59

Ashley and I enjoy taking nominations for our Mom of the Month.  We love people sharing stories with us about an amazing mom that they know.  It’s awesome!  But, the mom that we are honoring this month happened more by chance.  As a grad student, I was scanning the Internet to find information for a project I am working on and stumbled upon a blog post by Jennifer Burden.

Jennifer, mother of two little girls, founded World Moms Blog, which writes about global motherhood, culture, social good and human rights.   Since discovering her blog that day, I’ve read many of her posts.  I don’t personally know Jennifer, but I am truly inspired not only by the work that she is doing, but also by the determinism and strength that she demonstrates. 

After learning that a child dies every 20 seconds from a disease that could have been prevented through a vaccination, Jennifer became a strong advocate for providing children in developing countries with live-saving vaccines.  She has dedicated herself to spreading awareness and raising funds so that so that there are more healthy and happy children in this world.  Jennifer works with the UN Foundation's Shot@Life campaign as a Champion, and recently went with the organization on a trip to Uganda.  In addition, she is also the creator of the "GAVI Global Tea Party" to continue advocacy for life-saving vaccinations for children in the developing world.

By reading her blog, it’s not hard to tell how much she believes in this cause; she has even been brave enough to share her own personal story in efforts to raise awareness.  We wanted to honor Jennifer as Mom of the Month to show appreciation for all of the work that she is doing.  She’s not just leading by example for her two little girls, but she is showing all of us that we can be a part of something bigger than ourselves.    

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