December Birthdays: Making Them Special Despite The Holiday Craze December 18, 2012 09:04

My little one recently turned two, and with a December birthday, I tend to worry about making sure his birthday isn’t overshadowed by all of the holiday buzz. Since his birthday is earlier in the month, our family can easily delay decorating, holiday greetings, Santa visits and other celebrations until after we honor big boy’s birthday. 

There are lots of ways to make December birthdays special and separate them from all of the seasonal festivities. I love hosting and throwing theme parties, and for my guy, we have come up with themes that celebrate his personality and far removed from anything ‘holiday.’ This year, we did a ‘Rootin Tootin Roundup’ party to celebrate our son’s love of Woody and cowboys.

How does your family celebrate December birthdays? What are your special traditions to make the birthday stand out from all the season’s craziness?