Mom of the Month - Molly Vaden January 10, 2013 11:52

This month we’re honoring just your ordinary mom next door. Well, not really. This mom may seem ordinary: from a small town, four kiddos, family oriented, and drives an SUV. But we think Molly Vaden of Molly Vaden Photography is pretty amazing.

Molly is the creative eye behind the scenes of the adorable baby photographs on our website. She has photographed our family numerous times, resulting in some of the most magical photos of my boys’ toddler years. Many of my friends have invited her into their homes and communities to capture the essence of their family on camera. Her talent is unique, and her role as a mom of four lovely children brings an added personal touch to her work.

Molly’s signature style is evident in her photography, and it’s not quite like anything I’ve seen from other family and baby photographers. She knows just how to capture the sweet moments; the serenity of a pregnant woman, a mother tickling her child for a smile, a young couple’s kiss above their newborn baby, a father’s smile as he hugs his little boy; and she does it with style. Speaking from experience, Molly’s clients all feel at ease with her, and as a result, the photos that come out of a family session are more meaningful, beautiful and sweet than ever expected.

We decided to feature Molly this month just for fun. She’s an everyday working mom, and we really appreciate the adorable images she’s captured for both our family and our business. You can see her awesome work and blog at And here’s one of my favorite shots she did of our little family…