Be My Valentine Baby January 28, 2013 15:43

Valentine’s Day tends to be a holiday celebrated by ‘daters,’ newlyweds and couples who don’t have children. Most of my married friends, even those without kids, tend to not pay much or any attention to Valentine’s Day each year. Those with kids, even less so.

I love to get my kids excited about holidays, even the smaller ones. Ever since my oldest son’s first Valentine’s Day, I’ve adopted a tradition of making my children my Valentines. That’s not to say that I ignore my hubby, but making the holiday special means more to my kiddos than it does to my marriage. My husband and I make plenty of time for romance; so Valentine’s Day can be for the kids.

Here are a few ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day with your little cupids. 

·      Help your kids make homemade Valentines for their grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles

·      Prepare an unexpected surprise for Valentine’s Day – a special breakfast, outing, ‘love’ note, or one-on-one time

·      Have a BOWquet, balloons, flowers or other Valentine’s Day-themed gift delivered to the house so they can feel the thrill of a special delivery

·      Throw a LOVE party – and have your babes help come up with ideas for the food, treats, décor and favors

·      Spread the love – help your children deliver Valentines to a local children’s hospital, retirement home or animal shelter or make sandwiches and hand them out to needy people in your area.


Also, I saw this cute post on Pinterest with candy-free Valentine ideas.