Midwife of the Month February 28, 2013 14:23

For February, we’ve decided to recognize a midwife in lieu of our regular mom of the month column. Between my bleeding heart and Alyssa’s newfound passion for maternal health issues, we’ve been so inspired by Geraldine Lee of Fremont Midwifery, and her recent volunteer work at the Edna Adan Maternity Hospital in Somaliland.

I was lucky enough to have Geraldine as my midwife for my second baby, and loved every minute of the time she spent with our family. Each check up felt like I was hanging out with a friend rather than going in for a medical visit. She was confident, respectful, kind, professional, direct, understanding and so much more. I was able to birth my baby on my own, in my home – and I feel grateful that Geraldine helped make that possible. All these qualities and more are what make her an amazing midwife and why her clients sing her praises.

When I learned about her five-week volunteer trip to Somaliland to provide care to pregnant/post-partum women and newborns, it made perfect sense. She obviously has a passion for midwifery and for providing excellent care to mothers and babies. From reading her blog posts and Facebook posts about the experience, I felt a renewed interest in and passion for increasing my own education about maternal health issues around the world.

We wanted to honor Geraldine to commend her for her service to the Edna Adan Maternity Hospital. Please read her blog for a candid look at real life struggles women and infants face in underdeveloped countries, as well as the challenges presented to their care providers. I’m sure that reading her stories will be eye opening and hopefully inspire to you to make a donation to Edna Adan Maternity Hospital.


Here's a photo of Geraldine's lovely baby Mohammed and his mother.