Favorite Moment: Desert Beauty April 25, 2013 11:06

I love Arizona.  I understand that it's beauty is an acquired taste, but I love it, and last Saturday reminded me why.

My friend and I go to this great gym with trainer led classes.  The gym is opening a new location in my old town of Fountain Hills, and hosting their Saturday class at the new location.  Now, I currently live in Midtown Phx, so for those of you not familiar with Arizona, it is about a 40 minute drive.  After deciding Saturday class is worth the it, we get our selves up at 7am on our Saturday morning and hit the road.  We pull up to the gym and notice NO cars around.  There is also tape still on the gym windows.  We were a week early....  Total bust.

After laughing off our inability to pay attention to details, we decided we couldn't come all this way for nothing.  Fortunately I had been wanting to run the McDowell Mountain trails, conveniently located just outside Fountain Hills, and I just happen to have my running shoes in the back seat.  Our mistake turned into such a perfect morning.  The trails were empty, the wildflowers were blooming everywhere and it was miles of beautiful desert.  If you want to try and disagree that Arizona is not beautiful, come running with me next weekend!