Favorite Moment: Auntie Love May 30, 2013 10:06

So if you’ve read our blog, or you’re a family friend, you probably know the story of my youngest nephew thinking I was a "poser mommy," and crying when I tried to pick him up.  Fortunately, he’s outgrown that stage! I am officially referred to as ‘Auntie Lyssa’.

Ashley and I like to post a favorite moment of the month, so we can stop and appreciate the little things.  We’ve missed a few, so here is a #tbt moment of the month.  

Not too long after Ashley and her family’s recent visit to see me ended, she called me up and told me a little story about her youngest son...Out of the blue, he said to her, ‘Mommy, I want to go play at Auntie Lyssa’s house’ (serious progress from the poser mommy days). She of course replied with ‘Oh honey I am sorry, we can’t go play at Auntie Lyssa’s house, she lives in Arizona.' In response to this, (here comes the victory for finally being appreciated by this little man) he throws his head back and wails ‘nooooooooo’ and stomps off angry that he can’t come play with his new favorite person. I am sad that I don’t live closer so he could come play with me anytime, but I am so happy that I have finally won him over!!