Little Princesses and Warrior Princesses June 18, 2013 15:15

Inside every woman is a little girl, and inside every little girl is a princess. I’m not trying to perpetuate gender stereotypes, but I do think it is important to acknowledge, embrace and celebrate the essence of femininity that separates girls from boys, women from men. Whether a little girl imagines herself to be Pocahontas, Cinderella, Spiderman, Luke Skywalker or something different all together, the princess heart is behind it all – a desire to be captivating, strong, beautiful and heroic all at the same time. 

I recently wrote a post reviewing a book I read called ‘Raising A Son,’ which opened my eyes to the biological drivers that make boys so special and different from everyone else. Because I live with all males (including the pets), I sometimes forget the flip side of the equation: the deeply rooted differences that make girls (and women) so special. In an effort to remind me of this, my mom gave me the book ‘Captivating,’ which discusses the core of femininity and helps women to understand the reason for our yearnings and hearts’ desires.  

I would highly recommend this book. It is very inspiring and would resonate with women from all walks of life. It is a Christian book, but I think even non-Christian women will find something truthful and enlivening in the message about femininity. It reminds us that treasuring our beauty doesn’t mean giving up our strength and that having power doesn’t have to mean sacrificing our gentle, nurturing side either. Women get to be everything – life giver, beauty, leader, warrior, vulnerable, princess – all at once.

This gift that we have, to get to play every role and still be feminine, is something that must be cherished and nurtured in little girls. I don’t have a daughter, but many of my friends do; and I have very young cousins and a niece who are all little warrior princesses to me. I love their fire, sensitivity and wistfulness. I’m excited to watch them grow into young women who will make a mark on this world in the way that only females can. This photo is of my lovely little cousin who is a princess through and through!