Favorite Moment: Peaceful Playfulness July 23, 2013 09:39

We recently took a family getaway to paradise. It was one of those splurge trips that only come along once every few years – or truly even less often than that. Everything about this trip was perfection. The weather, the accommodations, the company, attitudes, recreation, rest, beauty. Our family was at its best on this trip, and we were the epitome of happiness.


There was a particular moment on the beach that I will try to hold onto forever. My husband and I were restfully lounging under an umbrella with my mom and sister. Taking in the vastness of the ocean and the life of the sun. My two boys were 50 yards away from us playing in the sand and testing their bravery in the shallows of the surf. They were peaceful and energetic all at once. Happy and entertained. Despite how good it felt to simply lounge on the beach and relax, I desperately wanted to join them; to be a part of their joyful romping.


Afraid that I might upset the balance of their world by intruding, I held back. I knew in my heart that if they needed me or wanted me in that moment they would come get me. This was their moment to enjoy unbridled freedom and fully explore their universe without rules, corrections, or worry about messes. It was such a blessing to sit back and just watch the magic of childhood unfold in front of me between my two perfect children. It was a taste of Heaven and a moment I’ll cherish for long to come.