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UPDATED:May 13, 2014

The SlumberSling has been professionally crash tested by MGA Research, an independent company that provides crash testing services to major car seat manufacturers. MGA Research, having conducted the test with a child dummy in a current market car seat found that "All of the requirements for child seat testing
were met. The addition of the SlumberSling did not cause the dummy to fail requirements."

This is the validation that many of our consumers have been seeking - confirmation that the SlumberSling is in fact safe according to current car seat testing requirements. Please feel free to contact us at with any further questions.


Former post from 2013 regarding safety concerns:

We have been seeing increased interest in our SlumberSling in recent months, and are very excited about the positive feedback and enthusiasm parents around the world are showing in this product. In addition to the great reviews we are getting, we certainly also receive questions about safety. I wanted to say a few words about this.

Because this product is used on young children and as a car seat accessory, safety is typically the first thing a parent will question. There are a few factors that we have incorporated into the design of the SlumberSling to achieve safety.

First and foremost, the entire product is made of fabric and soft materials; the band that supports the child's head and loops around the car seat is elastic, which gives it a lot of flexibility and absolutely no rigidity. It is fastened with adjustable hook and loop fastener (i.e. Velcro), further ensuring the appropriate amount of 'give'.  The child has plenty of freedom of movement when the product is in use given its design using only soft materials. Moreover, because there are no hard materials on the product, it ensures that if it were to come off or be stressed in an accident, there would not be any hard piece that could come off and hit the child or any passengers in the car.

Secondly, when a child is properly secured in a car seat, his/her shoulders are snug against the back of the car seat, meaning that the child's body can't lean forward in any way. Therefore, if the SlumberSling were to slip down from the forehead to the neck area, it would no longer be pulled taut, and would simply rest slack around the neck and shoulder area. When a child is properly secured, there is no possible way for his/her body to lean forward into the product and cause any pressure on the neck.


As you can see on the product page, we indicate that this product is not designed for nor suggested for use with reclining infant car seats, and is intended for use only on convertible car seats and booster seats. It is not intended to be used as a safety device, and as always, parents should rely on the advice of their doctor for all child related products.

We welcome ongoing feedback and can be reached at with specific questions. We love seeing new reviews on the product, and take all of our customers' comments into consideration. We are a small, family owned business, and I created the product for use on my own children who have been using it for years. The photo below is of my oldest son using the SlumberSling years ago when we first launched it into the consumer market.


Safety is a top priority. Please stay in touch with us!