Boxes to Books Keepsakes


Even those of us fully living in the digital age still have boxes of old photos, videos and memories gathering dust. Boxes to Books helps you rediscover those hidden treasures and preserve them in a modern way.


Collard Story Albums will send you an empty box or envelope. You’ll send it back filled with all the photos, videos or memories you can fit. In just a few weeks, your precious belongings will be returned, along with a DVD and online sharable gallery of your digitized memories.

·      Add to your shopping cart – you won’t be charged until your project has been confirmed with the designer: once you check out, a Collard Story Albums designer will be in touch to discuss the specifics of your project and arrange payment

·      Pricing ranges from $150 for up to 500 photos (envelope), to $400 for up to 2,500 photos (large box); all projects are customizable

·      Digitized images are 300dpi, color optimized, with noticeable scratches and dust removed

·      Insurance and tracking numbers for your personal belongings are provided